Tracing Back ​at the HUMAN FLOWS exhibition at Alison Richard Building, University of Cambridge, February 2013.

Tracing Back ​at the 2014 China Pingyao International Photography Festival, September 2014.


The project traces back the history of the Armenians of Diaspora while settling in Greece in the 1920's. In Tracing Back, I recreated images taken from her family's collection and placed them in specific locations related to the settlement period of the Armenian refugees. The black and white photographs that appear enlarged and printed on semi-transparent paper bring in contrast present with the past. Tracing Back highlights the importance of the materiality of the picture object. The photographic archive here serves a double role; firstly it offers a perspective on knowledge and history, but at the same time each image serves its own role as a component in the picture. The project consists of photographs of fragmented moments with references to the historical events and links to the traumatic experiences of deportation and exile.