Memory has a strong connection with the visual experience. In an unconscious level we experience a place or a state by the offered visual stimuli. 13 Years of my View is a site-specific work which examines the connection of a particular space with my personal memories. The aim was to photograph the views of my childhood home in order to record my early visual experiences. For the implementation of that project I revisited my childhood house after eight years of absence and systematically photographed the views that I was experiencing for thirteen years of my childhood while living there. My physical presence at my old home and the emotional impact made me insist on the same framing, in order to create a memento of views from the past. Shooting on film at different times of the day lead to seventeen pictures of the views that composed the final body of work.The photographs are presented in small prints of 5’’x7’’ on the walls of a separate limited space. The work, at the same time, can be read as a personal narrative and as a distant observation of urban landscape of Greece.

13 Years of My View